Knowing What Sportsbooks Offer Helps Live Betting

OPINION: Knowing What Sportsbooks Offer Helps Live Betting

An example from the group stage of the Europa Conference League helps show how the same sportsbook can offer different odds.
Live bets on Plzen vs FC Astana show three different odds for the same bet.

LAS VEGAS – Live betting has become a staple in the US sports betting world. Estimates now have live betting taking in about 30-40% of the betting handle for a sportsbook.

But can these quick-changing lines be a benefit to bettors?

Looking at an example on Thursday proves that finding value is easy as long as you know what you’re looking for. Now, legal sports betting sites display different bets in general. Going through a few sportsbooks to compare odds is possible. But, it is likely you’ll find a different listing after the time it takes to jump back and forth.

Instead, scanning the live betting board on one site can still show discrepancies.

Applying The Differences

Take this Europa Conference League soccer match held this morning. Late in the match, with a score of 2-1, there were odds posted on whether a fourth goal would happen.

But, this concept showed many ways to bet on it, with different odds brandished.

Looking even further down the board, this soccer bet was available in another betting style.

On the surface, these bets are asking the same thing: “will the teams score a fourth goal?” But looking deeper, their different values can lead to a massive difference in payout.

Payout for $10 bet
Payout for $100 bet
Payout for $1,000 bet

Total – Regulation 3.5 (Under -143)

Next Goal – Regulation (No goal -154)

When Will The Next Goal Be Scored (No goal -182)

The best value is by betting the under 3.5 goals in regulation. Going down the line, a bettor would earn 2.94% less if betting there not to be a next goal in regulation. Even further, a bettor would lose out on an 8.77% if betting the no goal in a certain time frame bet.

These odds came from Not every sportsbook will feature differing odds, but consider three things before live betting.

Take a game or match to scan how the betting lines move for a specific sport without placing a bet.
Take track of what bets they offer and what wagers are asking the same or near-same question.
Note the timing of when lines change and how much they fluctuate.

Still unsure? Consider these payouts if one were to hit five bets in a row in this manner.

Odds Bet
5 Won at $10 bet
5 Won at $100 bet
5 Won at $1000 bet

-143 Odds

-154 Odds

-182 Odds

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